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You may have noticed that a Makoa Quest tour is a very unique experience. That’s because we are committed to catalyzing a positive shift in consciousness among the global family on each Quest, through the perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture.

Meagan DeGaia, Owner

How do we accomplish this important goal?

  • Makoa Quest provides meaningful, authentic, cultural experiences for Maui visitors.
  • Makoa Quest provides meaningful and gainful employment for Hawaiian cultural practitioners.
  • Makoa Quest provides financial support to the community organizations and Hawaiian landowners we visit.
  • Makoa Quest donates a portion of profits to our non-profit partners.

Meet Kyra & Kale

Kyra and Kale Ka’alekahi are husband and wife and are cultural practitioners on the island of Maui. They began their cultural exploration through the art of Hula and over the years have expanded interest into other areas of cultural learning and practice. Today they are a part of a Halau, or cultural school, and learn from their Kumu aspects of dance, chant, craft making, indigenous philosophy and other branches of place based knowledge. They believe the marriage of traditional wisdoms and present day ecological awareness and application is key to bringing about a much needed balance in our society. Their journey together has been one that continues to deepen their relationship not only to each other but to the communities of life that they are a part of. In an effort to learn how we all may be caregivers to our homes, they seek to make connections with others through storytelling, sharing and meaningful interaction.

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