The Power of the Puʻuwai

The Power of the Puʻuwai

While reading Bowl of Light, I came across an important section emphasizing the power of the heart. Hawaiian kahuna Hale Makua writes,

“Little by little, the human family is approaching the place of [spiritual] recognition, and as we do, we as illumined individuals are preparing to climb the mountain of vision. And where is this place of recognition? The heart, our puʻuwai, is that place of recognition. We cannot approach the mountain of vision until we have achieved connection with our hearts. The heart is and forever will be the doorway, allowing us to weave our part of the pattern into the tapestry of aloha.”

I’ve been hearing about the “power of the heart” from all directions lately (and even watched a movie last night of the same name). Nothing else can better bring forth the true spirit of Valentine’s Day than a strong connection to the heart, which permits us access to feelings of pure love for others, ourselves, and for all of creation. By listening to our heart and by speaking from it (even when we are angry, deeply hurt, or frustrated), we can summon heartfelt truth and follow its path—to connection, harmony, and trust in our lives and relationships.

So, in addition to planning a love-filled Valentine’s Day, I will also be asking myself, how can I bring more pu’uwai into my life? When and where are the moments when I feel my heart’s presence the strongest? How can I heed the call of it more fully, every day?

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