Extended Experiences

Wāhine Wisdom

Wāhine is the Hawaiian word for women. In this customizable program, the women or girls in your private group are immersed in powerful concepts such as Hawaiian femininity, embracing aging, Hawaiian goddesses and sacred womanhood from the Hawaiian perspective. Through connecting women to the beauty and mana (spiritual power) of Hawaiʻi, connecting to our femininity, divinity, grace and strength, women in the program will be empowered to carry this feeling, knowledge, skills and rituals both taught to them and created by them when they return home in order to continue in these nurturing cultural, place-based practices.

Corporate Experiences

Visiting Maui with your team? Or, are you based in Hawaiʻi? Whether your team is large or small, take your group to the next level by strengthening bonds and cultural awareness. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your group, your vision, your timeline and needs. We can also answer any questions you might have in preparation for planning a memorable and impactful experience.

Maui Permaculture Experience

This 6-week long experience is a for-credit or independent study program for college students pursuing a degree in conservation, agriculture, environmental studies/science and related topics. Join us in Maui to learn cutting-edge permaculture and agroforestry techniques, hands-on. Plus, dive into life’s big questions while making lifelong friends. Lodging and food from the land are included.

Bridging Forward

Bridging Forward is a one day, transformational experience designed for the following small groups: Couples Bridging Forward, Mothers & Teen Daughters Bridging Forward or Fathers & Teen Sons Bridging Forward. Through fun and thought-provoking discussion and experiential activities that improve communication, you will build a strong bridge within your relationship on which the two of you can stand moving forward on the path of your lives.

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