Hawaiian cultural experiences for your retreat, private group, school or business.

Outrigger Canoe Paddle

Led by an experienced Hawaiian voyager, you will learn about Hawaiian voyaging and navigation of the past and present day as you tour this beautiful fishpond, built by 10,000 Hawaiian men, 500 years ago. Learn to paddle an outrigger canoe along the Maui coastline with a chance to see Hawaiian green sea turtles and Humpback whales (during winter months). Finally, continue the work of those 10,000 Hawaiian men by helping to restore a portion of the fishpond kuapā (rock wall).

Ultimate Hawaiian Taro Farm and Falls

This tour welcomes you to heritage lands located on the Keanae Peninsula that are cared for by familial farmers. You’ll hear stories that link the past, present, and future, including the story of Hāloa, the birth of Kalo, and its significance as a creation story. Step into the cool waters of the loʻi to learn how the food is cultivated and to lend a hand in tending to this staple crop. Afterwards, visit the farm’s water source, a beautiful waterfall with spring-fed pools where you can relax, swim or even jump from the rocks. Through guided engagement with this magical place, a deeper understanding of our relationship to food and water will be experienced.

Awa Ceremony

Through a shared conversation with a Hawaiian cultural practitioner and through Hawaiian story-telling, you’ll learn about the significance of fire to the Hawaiian people, and how fire connects all people to our ancestors. We’ll gather in a circle around the warmth of an outdoor fire and hear the blowing of the pū (conch shell) when the sun sets and an oli (chant) to mark the ending of the day and the coming night. Then connect with your family and friends in a rich and meaningful way during an ‘awa ceremony (a ceremony conducted with a Polynesian drink mixed with coconut water).

Hula Dancing & Lei Making Lesson

Share a morning with a Hawaiian cultural practitioner who will guide your learning and exploration of beautiful lush grounds in Haʻikū, Maui. Beyond farm to table, you’ll pick and eat fruit straight from the trees, while cultivating a connection to the many canoe and medicine plants brought to Maui by the first peoples of these islands. Sustainably harvest freshly growing materials and learn both the techniques to create your own lei, and the significance of its use as an adornment. This leads into an introductory lesson of the Art of Hula and the depth of meaning found within the words, movements and history of this cultural dance.

Hawaiian Outdoor Education Camp

Your keiki (child) is welcome to join our culturally-rooted camps year-round during spring, summer, fall and winter breaks! Led by a Hawaiian cultural practitioner, your 9-16 year old keiki will learn oli (chant), hear cultural storytelling, Hawaiian values and Hawaiian life skills as it relates to the fishponds, outrigger canoe paddling, poi pounding and other cultural practices and activities. Email makoaquest@gmail.com for more information.

most popular questions

All Makoa Quest experiences are fun, interactive and rich with Hawaiian wisdom and knowledge. It’s not a spectator experience or the type of tour where you stop, take photos and hop back in a van.

When you book your Quest, we’ll send you an email so you know how to be best prepared for your Quest. We’ll provide reef safe sunscreen, other items to keep you comfortable, filtered water, refreshments and other great perks.

Yes. Makoa Quests provide a beautiful opportunity for families to bond and interact in new, fun and meaningful ways.

Makoa Quests take place in unpaved, grassy and rainforest areas along unpaved trails. Accommodations and adaptations can be made on each one of our tours for you or your fellow traveler. Please contact us so we understand your needs and share how we can provide an unforgettable experience for you.

A deep relationship exists between Hawaiians and the natural world. In ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (the Hawaiian language), there are more than 200 words for rain. A Hawaiian word for rain might point to it’s color, intensity, duration, at what times it arrives, the angles or paths they’d fall in, or even how a certain rain is linked to a place, animal, plant or area throughout the Islands. Clearly, Hawaiians have a special understanding and relationship to this force in nature.

For this reason, we wouldn’t want you to miss an extra special experience on a Quest when the rain is falling. Severe weather in Maui is rare and tours will proceed as scheduled in light/moderate rain and other mild weather conditions. Certain Makoa Quests take place on the windward side of the island, also known as the rainforest, which can commonly experience rainfall during the winter season. Rain ponchos, umbrellas and ample shelter will be provided at no extra cost. The tour itinerary may be modified or relocated to a dry location to ensure guests can remain protected from the rain while receiving an enhanced cultural orientation from our Practitioners guiding the Quest. Quests will not visit stream beds or areas at risk of flash flooding, even in light rain. In the rare event that we have to cancel a Quest you will have the opportunity to

  • Reschedule your Quest (subject to availability)
  • Receive credit on the same day for a different Quest in a dry location


Your Hawaii activity purchase is 100% refundable or changeable, in most cases, provided you cancel or reschedule your reservation at least 72 hours prior to its check-in time.
Here are some very important items to consider before booking your Quest:

  1. No-Shows are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you know you will not be able to arrive at your tour on time you MUST contact us at 808-214-0355 before your scheduled check-in time.
  2. Tours canceled less than 72 hours prior to check-in time are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  3. Tours rescheduled less than 72 hours prior to check-in time, when approved by activity providers are automatically considered NON-REFUNDABLE, even if the new activity date is more than 72 hours from the time of the new date & time.
  4. Tours booked less than 72 hours prior to its start time are automatically NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-CHANGEABLE.

How to report a cancellation**:

  1. You must EMAIL makoaquest@gmail.com in order to cancel your tour(s), even if you made your reservation(s) online.
  2. If your activity start time is 8AM, your deadline to call in your cancellation for that tour will be at 8PM, three (3) days prior to your tour. For example, if your tour is on Monday at 8AM, your deadline to cancel your tour will be no later than Thursday night at 8PM, in order to receive a full refund.

Exceptions to the above rules*:

  1. Verifiable Medical Emergencies – Tour providers may authorize a refund in the event of a verifiable medical emergency. In such case a doctor’s note issued by a local Hawaiʻi doctor will be required. Please note the exception will be considered only for the injured or sick participant, unless dealing with a minor who may need an adult supervision. In such cases a exception to this rule may also be granted for the child’s caregiver. This does not in any way imply all other participants will be given a refund, should the entire party decide not to attend the event.
  2. Road Closures – Tour Providers generally authorize a refund if you are unable to arrive at your activity due to a verifiable road closure (accidents, fires, etc). Please contact our concierge hotline as soon as you realize you will not arrive in time, no matter the reason, by calling us at 808-214-0355.* All exceptions will be considered in a case-by-case basis by Makoa Quest.


Full Refund – You will receive 100% of the purchase price for every Hawaii activity canceled by Makoa Quest prior to its start, for any reason (weather, mechanical, etc.).

Partial Refund – Makoa Quest may authorize a partial refund for tours which features were changed or cut short due to weather, mechanical or other circumstances beyond Makoa Quest’s control. The actual refund amount, if applicable, will be determined by Makoa Quest.

No Refund – Tour providers reserve the right to make changes to certain aspects and features of their tours for reasons beyond their control, such as weather, road condition, etc. This will ensure participants will enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience. In such cases NO REFUNDS will be offered.

All refunds will be issued by Makoa Quest. We make every attempt to process all refunds as soon as we become aware of the tour cancellation.

All prices, descriptions, departure times, departure locations and all other information on this website are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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